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Showing posts from December 11, 2006

Ethiopian dictator

Another dictator the US support and encourage: Ethiopia. A country invaded Somalia, refused to abide by UN decision to resolve the border war which cost thousands of lives and money, cracked down on opposition, slaughtered demonstrators, jailed opposition party leaders and encouraged ethnic division to stay in power by weakening the unity of the country,
This morning posted this: …Mr Zenawi has turned Ethiopia into a police state. Many of the opposition are in prison on trumped-up charges carrying the death penalty. Tens of thousands of young Ethiopians were sent to prison camps after last year’s poll. A few still languish there; others have fled abroad. Several judges have defected, fearing for their safety.
The press has been crushed, foreign correspondents expelled and many journalists and editors put in jail. The government has hired foreign specialists to help it shut down dissident websites, tap telephones and track e-mails. …
American military intelligence now works cl…