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Eritrea reacts coolly to Ethiopia's threat to end peace pact - Yahoo! News

Eritrea reacts coolly to Ethiopia's threat to end peace pact - Yahoo! NewsASMARA (AFP) - Eritrea on Wednesday reacted coolly to a threat by its arch-foe Ethiopia to abandon a peace agreement that ended their 1998-2000 war and whose implementation has stalled. Eritrean Information Minister Ali Abdu insisted Ethiopia must implement the peace accord by accepting a 2002 ruling that awarded the flashpoint border town of Badme to Asmara.

"The Eritrea Ethiopia Boundary Commission (EEBC) is entitled and mandated to demarcate the border, but the Ethiopian regime is refusing to abide by the rule of law," Ali told AFP.

Blog: Inside Iraq

Blog: Inside IraqThey crossed the high seas; they poured out their billions; they sacrificed their sons … to "liberate" Iraqis … but what we, the women of Iraq got, is article 41.

In 1959 the Iraqi government amended the Personal Status Law. Article 118 came into being as part of our constitution.

It gave the women of Iraq the most progressive of all Arab and Islamic women's rights legislation until this very day. No discrimination in salaries, no discrimination in uniforms, the separated Mums get to keep the home until the children are of age, and so many other items that made the female community of Iraq one of the most progressive female communities within the Arab, Islamic and regional states – from that time … until we got "liberated".

Now we have article 41.

In brief, it says go to your cleric and he will deal with whatever issues you have

Iran leader says nuclear issue is closed - Yahoo! News

Iran leader says nuclear issue is closed - Yahoo! News: "Ahmadinejad remained in the General Assembly for Bush's speech, but a U.N. diplomat in the chamber said he pulled out his translation earpiece before Bush started to talk. In an angry defense of Iran, Nicaragua's leftist President Daniel Ortega chastised the U.S. for seeking to restrict its right to enrich uranium, which is allowed under the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. Ortega said the United States, as 'the only country in the world to have dropped nuclear bombs on innocent people,' had no right to question the right of Iran and North Korea to pursue nuclear technology for 'peaceful purposes.' Ahmadinejad also indirectly accused the United States and Israel of violating human rights by setting up secret prisons, abducting people, holding trials and enacting secret punishments without any regard to due process, and tapping phone conversations. 'They use various pretexts to occupy sovereig…

Al Jazeera English - News - Anti-Oslo Palestinian Official Dies

Al Jazeera English - News - Anti-Oslo Palestinian Official DiesAbdel Shafi was known as a die-hard critic of Yasser Arafat, the late Palestinian leader, and his concessions to the Israelis in peace talks.

In 1996, Abdel Shafi, a legislator at the time, walked out of a meeting of the Palestinian legislature to protest Arafat's decision to amend the charter of the Palestine Liberation Organisation to recognise Israel when the Jewish state did not give the Palestinians independence.