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W. Bush said to Palestinians

W. Bush said to Palestinians: their democratic election will result in cutting aids they have been receiving from Washington. The message is clear: if you refused to accept the Zionists agenda not only we will stop the aid but also sabotage the result or take measures that will result a bloodshed and overthrowing of the government. I have always said the U.S has nothing to do with democracy or helping people to decide what is best for them, instead, it follows its national interest based on who submitted to it fully to its agenda. The history will show again the shameful reality of the U.S. and European Union in this regard. They both have taken actions in the past to reverse indigenous movements such as Algeria’s parliamentarian election of the early 90’s canceled because its Islamist views and the Iranian election of the early 5o’s because it nationalized oil industries. The Latin American countries suffered tremendously being closed to the U.S. the result of which is civil wars, massacres, and overthrow of governments. We all know now Latin Americans who were bitter about the past, elected leftists in many countries. Why did that happen? It happened for reasons not hidden from public records: what America said and what America does are two different things and people recognized them. If America was Russia it wouldn’t have been a big deal since they are murderess bunches: Stalin and the soviet revolution come to mind. Beside the Soviets don’t preach something and practice something different. Everyone knows they invaded countries and placed puppets; they have sent people to Gulag; they have curbed the right of assembly, peaceable demonstration, or expressing of dissent views; they transferred millions of people from region to region to depopulate and scatter communities to decimate oppositions; they have cropped up dictators in the name of socialism. But America is different and supposed to be different not because its adherence from everything Soviet Union wasn’t but also what it preached is antithesis of the soviets. But time and again it failed; it failed miserably than ever before. Fifteen years after the disappearance of the Soviets, America went to look for enemy but could hardly find one. The 11th of September 2001 had given the criminals in the Whitehouse once again to create an enemy which is in no terms could destroy the US. The leader of the Alqaida group only had hundreds of fighters maybe thousands of sympathizers. It would have been easier covertly kill him or capture him rather than going on and on to talk about its strength and capability of Alqaida to make them look important players. This are people whose security said to be tight around them yet John Walker Lind? Branded as “American Taliban” by let us kill Muslim media saw Osama in Afghanistan with no trouble what so ever. The question is won’t that be an option to get closer to the radical man the same way John did? But alas that is not Bush and his gangs were looking for, they wanted that opportunity to be left open so that every time Osama opens his mouth to say “Osama is series about his threats” but what happened since September 11 was all about domination of Islamic world and oil than Osama. Osama given a life line by W. Bush through invasions of Muslim countries: killings of hundreds of thousands people; humiliating millions in their own god given lands. Those actions contributed in his survival or him being irrelevant player henceforth stopped his demise.
America can’t be trusted when it talks about democracy, the Mid-East peace, and fairness. After isolating Arafat (even though he gave up 78% of the land of Palestine) and humiliation of him no one ever trusts the U.S from Palestinian side. People questioning what is left of the so called peace process, there is neither peace nor process, everything Israel does acceptable and anything Palestinians do isn’t. What is it really America wants the Palestinians should do? They have no land to create a Palestine nation; it is cutup into settlement riddled holes, the settlement map look like a Swiss cheese with more hole than cheese. Just imagine, from the Oslo agreement till now the Palestinians lost lands so large, hundreds of Israeli settlements built on them with no possibility the Palestinians will ever get them back. I am sure there can’t be no Palestine state the way it is now, and Palestinians had to find ways to make the land that is being taken from them to be returned to them. It is the age of the internet, information is flowing they have to do their fight and make their voice heard, and they shouldn’t be squashed and crushed to dust. It is unfair to ask Palestinians to lie down play dead, they have actually did tried that since the Oslo Agreement. 1998 was the state of the Palestinian formation, but I never believed it, Zionists would never give up land which they claim is God given, Zionists believe they could come and expel people from the only place they know and build settlements for immigrants after bulldozing Palestinian homes, they are not accountable to the international community, as the support they get from the U.S. is suffice.
The parliamentarian election of the Palestine should be looked just like the election of Israeli neighbors no less, Palestinians didn’t elect a figure like Sharon in whose hand there is blood: the tacit support for the massacre of the Palestinians of Sabra and Shatilla by the Lebanese group and the assassination of civil leaders in Palestine. Why wouldn’t the election of a blood thirsty man raised suspicion after all his ugly history? Time and again America promised to help the Palestinians to recover their land and declare independent, but works against it instead. The Palestinians had Mahmoud Abbas as a president but America totally ignored him. No matter who becomes the leader or the type of government formed America and Israel will never accept viable Palestine state side by side with Israel, which is the reality.


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