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Ethiopian oppositions

This is one excellent article about the situation in Ethiopia concerning the brief political history of the government, the opposition and Ethiopian populace and how they played by the parties. When I call my mother last time I asked her of the situation, she told me that the Meles Government is dragging people from their home to jail with no visible resistance. I felt somehow dumb founded; after all, my thinking was the Meles regime might have been better in terms of election and freedom of the press. Left Ethiopia almost nineteen years ago, I still have a bitter memory of my country that I have born and raised in. my life has never been the same since I have left; I am after all, not alone in the endeavor, as millions left from economic reasons to political situations. As simple as listening to VOA had to be troubling thing to do in Derg era; I have left my country never to return where my uncontrollable tear rolled over my face as I said good bye to my Mother and my uncle. I haven’t even waked my sisters up from their sleep knowing in my heart that was the last time they would see me that close. I did that lest our good byes might arouse a suspicion that would alarm the onlookers and pass to the authorities. I don’t have a clear picture of what is going on in Ethiopia, I know little because reading article and experiencing it from inside are two different things. I know about Iraqi parties and their agendas than Ethiopian parties. Ethiopians are survivalists, the parties’ agenda always changes, too many parties have the same agenda but don’t work together, or split and form one, and they evolve and merge with others and split again totally in different form all together. In last years election CUD swept Addis Ababa and got close to 150 seats in parliament yet, it has to challenge the results claiming foul. How in the world the leaders of oppositions sheepishly send the young people to die for more seats beyond my belief. Instead of taking the seats they have won and strike more discussions, preferred outright confrontation with Meles troops ruthless in their style.

Making of child soldiers in Ethiopia: A disturbing trend

Recent events in Ethiopia have become painful reminders of those awful days of the red terror era. Whatever the reason for the fallout between the government and the opposition, violence will not be the solution. The desperate move by the opposition to entice Ethiopian school children to boycott class and exams, to join the “sporadic armed struggle”, and participate in violent protests against the government, is not only wrong, but morally reprehensible. It is illegal, irresponsible, destructive and dangerous.

Students walked out of classes in Dessie, Gonder, Bahr Dar, Debre Markos and several other cities in Ethiopia today in response to the call by Tegbar. The students shouted "release our friends! Release CUD leaders! Meles leba!" The students also clashed with Federal police and burned several government vehicles In Dessie, students joined by other residents and attacked government buses and vehicles. As a result, some government officials were unable to move around the city. (ER Jan 30)

This is clearly a sign that the opposition morale has hit rock bottom. A sign that leaders of the opposition are now willing to dig their own graves, but as in the 1970s, they will do so by dragging the entire country into an abyss. The so called Diaspora intellectuals will see to it that Ethiopian children perish before the ultimate demise of their violent comrades, mostly opportunistic power mongers at the twilight of their lives with nothing to lose and everything to gain from confusion, chaos and mounting violence.


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