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There are many things going on now, the most important news is that Somalian Islamic oriented group triumphal over the war lords who were sucking the countries future dry. As I write this the Islamic groups whose aims are not defined yet are in a way to control southern Somalia after consolidating power in the capital city of Mogadishu. I am very happy the fact they have the support they needed in the capital city but my fear is that they might bring the Sharia law in war devastated and ethnically polarized nation. I have strongly believe religious laws are not meant to be a supreme law of any country simply because the leaders almost all authoritarian and totalitarian leaders use that to cut people’s hand rather than administering justice. There is no point then to believe the rule of law is served through Sharia which benefits only the dictators like in Saudi-Arabia. Besides, the fanatical implementation of Sharia in Afghanistan is a pure example of that. forcing a woman to wear Hijab, making women a second class citizen (like in Saudi Arabia), breaking Television sets like in Afghanistan, trying a woman to be stoned to death in Nigeria (though not implemented), are few examples why Sharia in the hand of humans is dangerous. I have no problem to abide by the rule of law, in fact I don’t believe the American civil law does any better than Islamic law in terms of justice, but I am simply saying any law in the hand of the powerful, the rich, the connected, the few, leaders hand is a bad idea. People have to be educated and decide what is good and evil according to their belief is only good for them selves and Allah will judge individuals according to their work rather than what government used Sharia for their own selfish reasons. I hope Somalian new leaders clean up the dirty sectarian violence and unite them through the teaching of Muhammad (peace and blessing be upon him) rather than imposing on them by force even if what they say is true. Anyone who follows the passionate man like Muhammad needs to be merciful and needs to have compassionate for those who are down trodden. Administering justice is tough, it requires not only the knowledge but also the heart, I doubt both of these are present in any society. I am not sure Somalian’s who were fighting each other because clan, automatically scrap that and move on into believing all humans created equal so no clan is better that the other clan. Wait and see about that.-------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
There are also other news’s that are disheartening as ever. Palestinians are not only getting punished for electing a government of their choosing through economic de facto embargo against Hamas led government but also getting killed in daily bases in their homes and even on the beach or wherever they are. I am so sick of about the daily killings going in Palestine more so no government except Iran strongly condemns the Zionist killers who are determine to kill as many Palestinians as they can. …………………………………………………………………………………………..

The rape of a year 2003 peaceful Iraq by the world bully America is continuous. As always civilians including pregnant women and babies as well as productive part of the Iraqi resistance forces are getting killed everyday. The criminal gang of the Bushite murderers’ glee in every murder as their prize. The 130 thousands American killers in Iraq plus the trained Iraqi fools, mercenary forces, and the rest of the coalition forces altogether more than three hundred thousands stinking killers couldn’t defeat a few thousand determine resistance forces that are going as strong as ever. The hundreds of billions of dollars that poured in to kill Iraqis would not succeed to subjugating them to give the only resource they have to build their country with. As much as the criminal American leaders determine to defeat the resistance with Shiite usurpers and Kurd opportunists, the Sunni resistance is much more determine not to be a 21st century slave, that type of ferocious resistance never seen in the history of modern warfare. The resistance exceeded all the expectations to give a breather for other countries whose turn to be raped is delayed as far as eye can see. The only way out for the bully is admit he made a huge mistake, apologize for crimes he committed, pay the victims and change its aggressive behavior. But knowing American psyche that would never happened. No one ever apologized for crimes of the past including slavery, rape of black women, lynching, and deportation of Mexican Americans so and so forth. America is now torturing political and military detainees murdering them in some cases, transferring prisoners to be tortured in different countries as well as spying and black mailing those fighting for justice, equality, and freedom. People like me who are let these bad guys know we are not afraid to be tortured and killed needs not to be intimidated by their methods. The techniques of American government almost resembling a country I fled but no way will I be afraid of these cowards. Going back to the Iraqi issue, I have a strong believe the defeat of the resistance force in Iraq is a defeat of voiceless people around the world; it will be the beginning of slavery albeit through covert means, it will be the end of accountability and more, for that I will scream as loud until I can’t any more. My writings the expression of frustration against the world who do not intend to do the right thing, it is my communication with the spies that have no conscious, I say to them here I am, here I am to tell you and your boss that I don’t participate in tortures, rapes and killings because I am a good man, because I don’t accept your blood money, I don’t fight to steal property of Iraqis, I don’t kill their people. For the killers of Iraqis I have one message, how could you live with yourself? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
The world cup has started; my African teams are being defeated so far. I had high hopes on Ivorian team and Ghana but Angola and Togo performed more than I thought they would while Tunisia couldn’t even defeat Saudi Arabia. I am watching as many games as I can; being poor I can’t afford to have a cable TV so I watch it at work at laundry, or a bar. Whoever wins at the end will be ok with me except those European teams who are throwing banana on black players as if they are monkeys! I hate those bigoted white people who do that, fascism on the rise in all of Europe.----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------


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