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A lot of people in the Western World will never know why there are so many immigrants’ dies to get to Europe from West African countries. Today, I have watched on al Jazeera on a program called Witness the Malian refugees’ ordeal to go to Spain. Many dead and some made it to Spain. All that sacrifice was (for those who made it) to send remittance home to help their folks. The cameraman who witnessed and recorded this important story is an immigrant from Argentina who lives now in Spain understand why people immigrant to another countries leaving behind their roots to where they come from.

Why American occupation would ends? It is for the good of almost all people; for the good of peace in the world; it is not right to occupy weak countries because they happen to have oil; it is wrong because the Middle Eastern countries will oppress their people to please America; it is wrong because it does bankrupt America; it is wrong because it is taking the life of hundreds of thousands people and increase the hatred between people of different faith and ideology; it is wrong because it destroy a little credibility the collective international community have; it also make the world as a whole a dangerous place to live as retaliation by groups becomes more lethal.
This article looks under the title The United States in Iraq: the case for withdrawal
has more thorough analysis of the situation in Iraq and why the US has to end the occupation of Iraq.


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