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Online NewsHour: Analysis | Iraqi Government Losing Stability | August 15, 2007 | PBS

Online NewsHour: Analysis | Iraqi Government Losing Stability | August 15, 2007 | PBS: "MARGARET WARNER: It's been a week of spectacular violence in Iraq: suicide bombings in the north taking a toll of hundreds; the kidnapping of a government minister; and random attacks across the country. It's also been a week of further political stalemate in Baghdad, seemingly fruitless meetings among opposing factions and, amidst boycotts and defections, growing questions about whether the government of Prime Minister Maliki can even survive. We get four assessments of the situation now from Rend al-Rahim, a former Iraqi ambassador to the U.S., she's now executive director of the Iraq Foundation, which promotes democracy there, and she was in Iraq earlier this summer. Jessica Mathews, president of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, she served in the Carter and Clinton administrations. Trudy Rubin, foreign affairs columnist for the Philadelphia Inquirer, she travels frequently to Iraq. And Juan Cole, a professor of history at the University of Michigan."


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TomDispatch: "Okay, it's another lemon, the second you've bought from the same used-car lot -- and for $1,000 more than the first. The transmission is a mess; the muffler's clunking; smoke's seeping out of the dashboard; and you've only had it a week. You took it, grudgingly, as a replacement for that beat-up old Camry that only lasted two months, but the salesman assured you it was a winner. No wonder you're driving onto the lot right now. Before you can even complain, the same salesman's there. He's firm. It's not his fault. You must have done something. Nonetheless, he's ready to offer you a great deal. For an extra 2,000 bucks, you can have the rusted-out Honda Prelude right behind him, the one that, as a matter of fact, has just burst into flames -- and, he assures you, it's a dandy. It may not look so great today, what with the smoking hood and all, but it's a vehicle for the ages.
Would you buy a used car from this man? (Hint…

US Military “Commemorates” Its Iraq Massacre. “Tell Them It’s the Sound of Freedom.”

US Military “Commemorates” Its Iraq Massacre. “Tell Them It’s the Sound of Freedom.”

April 23, 2014 "ICH"
“We gather tonight knowing that this generation of
heroes has made the United States safer and more
respected round the world.” 

(President Barack Obama, State of the Union address,
24th January 2012.)

As Easter was
celebrated in the US and UK with, for believers, the
message of hope, Fallujah, the region and much of
the country is again under siege, not this time by
US mass murderers, but by the US proxy government’s
militias armed with US delivered weapons. In 2003, a
month into the invasion, Easter Day fell on the same
day as this year, 20th April, as Iraqis of all
denominations and none, died were incarcerated,
tortured, found with their heads drilled, or no
heads, thrown on garbage piles. Easter Day
the following year, 2004 fell on Sund…