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ei: A third way

ei: A third way
The "third way" that secular intellectuals defend, condemns terrorism and supports the fight against it. However, the criterion it follows is a universal one. That is, if the US is prepared to censure Israel for its illegal occupation of the Gaza Strip and the West Bank, and for its massacres of civilian Palestinians and extra-judicial assassinations of political leaders, expropriation of Palestinian lands, demolishing of houses, building of illegal Jewish settlements, "third way" supporters should not have a moral problem supporting the "western" fight against terrorism. Further, if the US stops its support for imposed, corrupt dictators in the Arab world, and helps in nurturing better circumstances for millions of the oppressed and their democratic representatives (i.e., unions, women's movements, secular parties, etc.) there will be a limited base for "fundamentalism" to grow. Of course, whether Jewish, Islamic, Hindu, or Christian, religious fundamentalism is to be condemned by secular intellectuals, regardless of what it promises.


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