Skip to main content Ethiopia: Country Falls a Step Back in Governance, As Most in Africa Improve - Survey (Page 1 of 1) Ethiopia: Country Falls a Step Back in Governance, As Most in Africa Improve - Survey (Page 1 of 1)
Ethiopia's overall score in an Index of African Governance declined to 50.9 out of 100 in between 2005 and 2006, as the country fell one place to rank 31 out of sub-Saharan Africa's 48 countries, the latest Index revealed on Monday.

According to the 2008 Ibrahim Index's comprehensive measures of governance performance, Ethiopia's scores have fallen in three out of the five categories; Safety and Security; Rule of Law, Transparency and Corruption; and Participation and Human Rights.

The most notable decline was in Participation and Human Rights, in which Ethiopia's score fell by 3.9 points, said the Index The country, however, has improved in the remaining two categories, Sustainable Economic Opportunity and Human Development, according to the Index.

Ethiopia's score rose by 1.7 points in Human Development, said the 2008 Ibrahim Index of African Governance, which ranks sub-Saharan African nations based on governance quality.

The Indx also said governance has improved in almost two-thirds of the countries in sub-Saharan Africa.

The Index said 31 of 48 sub-Saharan nations recorded higher scores than in last year's survey, with Liberia the best improver. Mauritius was the best-run country and Somalia the worst.

"Obscured by many of the headlines of the past few months, the real story coming out of Africa is that governance performance across a large majority of African countries is improving," said Mo Ibrahim, whose foundation runs the index.

"Progress is being made across the continent," he added, launching the index here in Addis Ababa.

"I hope these results will be used as a tool by Africa's citizens to hold their governments to account." In the Index no country from the Horn of Africa featured in the top half. According to the survey, Djibouti was the only country to improve its score with respect to last year.

It further said Ethiopia outperformed neighboring Eritrea overall and in the Human Development; Sustainable Economic Opportunity; and Participation and Human Rights categories.


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