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Bush’s humiliation in Iraq talk of the town

Bush’s humiliation in Iraq talk of the town:

The episode of hurling shoes on US President George W. Bush remained talk of the town, as people belonging to different walks of life expressed their extreme excitement over the incident and praised the ‘brave act’ of the Iraqi journalist.

‘The News’ interviewed a number of people who were all praise for Iraqi journalist Muntadar Al-Zaidi, who hurled shoes on the US president. They were sympathetic towards the Iraqi journalist and were of the view that Bush should be declared a terrorist as he killed many innocent people.

Muhammad Ikram, a professor, said: “The brave act of Iraqi journalist is really appreciable, as Bush deserved this.” He said it was the reaction of Iraqi people, as the US Army killed many innocent Muslims during Iraq war. “Although it was an act, but it truly reflects the hate of Muslims against the US president,” he said.

Naveed Ali, a government employee, said that Bush has started a war against terrorism, but he is a terrorist himself as he killed many innocent people not only in Iraq but also in Afghanistan. This is the main reason that all Muslims across the globe hate Bush and his policies. “Throwing shoes on him is the reaction of that hate and disliking,” he said.

Aftab Bibi, a housewife, said: “I really enjoyed the video clip on Geo Television of throwing shoes on the US president.”

“The US is interfering in all Muslim countries and killing innocent people. I wish the shoes should have hit Bush. The act of Iraqi journalist is good and all journalists should support him,” said Irfan Waheed, a shopkeeper.

Faheem Khan, a lawyer, said the act of Iraqi journalist is totally indecent as it was not the way to express hate. The journalist should be neutral while attending such press conferences. He said there were many other journalists who dislike US president but they didn’t react like that.


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