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The great diversion: Muslims VS. Christians

There was a bomb blast in Egypt that kill 21 Christians in a church, angry church goers reacted by attacking a Masjid. The blast is shrouded in mystery; no body knows who did it and there was no claim of responsibility. I haven’t posted in my blog anything of my own assessment of religious strife in the Islamic world but I have something to say here. Truly I have no knowledge of tension between Christians and Muslims in Egypt; that said, from outside looking at it, Christians as a minority claimed to face discrimination by majority Muslims. As far as the history of open conflict to the level of bombing a church has not been seen until recently. A shooting here and there including the January 2009, when seven Christians were killed in a drive-by shooting on a church in southern Egypt during celebrations for the Orthodox Coptic Christmas. Occurred in the past. The fundamental question to me is why wouldn’t Muslim and Christians condemn acts of violence committed by both religious groups? Most importantly why wouldn’t Muslims protect Christian minority in their country against such atrocity? We all know Muslims are killing Muslims in Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Chechnya, and Somalia; all of these countries mention here are a victim of imperial aggression by the USA and Russians who use their superior fire power as well as their puppets to advance their agenda whatever that might be, but would that victimization enough to justify quite indifferences? Muslims are the most tolerant people throughout their history, Christians in Iraq and Egypt as well as Jewish in Iran and Iraq lived side by side in insignificance discrimination. There wasn’t mass deportation, killings, forced migration, or such as massacre. One of the most atrocious massacres and genocide took place by secular Turkey killing more than a million Armenians. That shameful history aside, Muslims tend to be tolerance following their great leader Mohammed. The most extremist movement that begun in the 1990’s by smaller groups in Egypt, the victimization of Muslims in Afghanistan by Russians and Palestinians by Israel made it possible al-Qaida to be formed. Al-Qaida is small group used powerful method to advance its distractive agenda basically benefiting no one. In fact, the rise of al-Qaida is a boon to weapon manufacturers, mercenary groups, Israel and war mongers of imperial powers. Muslims and minorities living in Muslim countries are the main victims. American aggression in Iraq and Afghanistan directly or indirectly is responsible for one million deaths and four million refugees. Recently coming out finding and disturbing pictures from Fallujah shows deformed babies a direct result of American terror. Al-Qaida in fact helped Americans by killing Christians in Iraq used as de facto agent thereby giving excuses to the US that American fight is indeed against al-Qaida in Iraq rather than for oil. The trend doesn’t stop there Jewish synagogues, Christian churches, Shia Masjids, even Sunni Masjids attacked by al-Qaida or similar groups. Without such attack it would be difficult for Americans to stick around and commit more atrocities. The church attack if it really committed by al-Qaida helps to advance Israel and the US their fight is against extremism which is far from the truth, one can only imagine the perpetrators themselves hired by imperial powers to advance their agenda. There is no war between religious groups; the war is between the oppressed people of the world and oppressor of the world. The war has no border, no religion, color of skin or ideology; it is a war against the poor. The war exacerbate by population growth coming up seven billion, a dwindling fossil fuel, the melting polar ice, rising ocean, food shortage, water scare, and pollution. Even in Deep Ocean it is common to find a plastic of some sort. We are polluting the land we live in, the sea, the ocean and the rivers yet blinded by religious zealousness or ignorance not been able to see the true nature of the war. The Egypt bomb is only a diversion to what is really happening: victimization of the world poor and the oppressed.


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