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What did Muhammed said about oppressive rulers: Obey them!

Hisham ibn 'Urwa reported on the authority of Abu Saleh on the authority of Abu Hurairah that the Prophet said: “Leaders will take charge of you after me, where the pious (one) will lead you with his piety and the impious (one) with his impiety, so listen to them and obey them in
everything which conforms with the truth. If they act rightly it is to your credit, and if they
acted wrongly it is counted for you and against them.”

A revolt against a tyrannical Muslim ruler or a just Muslim ruler is haram, because revolting against the leader goes against the Islamic principal of hearing and obeying the rulers. As a revolt involves people under the tyrannical or just rulers rule deciding they will no longer hear and obey the ruler in all that he commands, while at the same time trying to remove the ruler from power.

more about obeying bad rulers, and tyrants!

I am not against your or anyone's religion but it seems to me Muslims are condemned to obey. the reality is Muslims are revolting and waking-up to smash the old backward order to forge ahead!


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