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     Has Ron Paul Sold Out To Israeli Lobby?    : Information Clearing House

     Has Ron Paul Sold Out To Israeli Lobby?    : Information Clearing House
While there’s no evidence Israel’s attack prevented Iraq from acquiring a nuclear weapon, according to U.S. intelligence, it was likely an important factor that played into Saddam Hussein’s subsequent decision to move his nuclear program underground and seek to develop an Iraqi nuclear deterrent to further Israeli aggression. An interagency intelligence assessment on the consequences of Israel’s attack stated that it “could be a watershed event in the Middle East” by adding “new strains” to “US-Arab relations” and sparking an “arms race” in which “Arab leaders will intensify their search for alternative ways to boost their security and protect their interests” (much the same observation that Rafsanjani made in 2001). Israel’s own possession of nuclear weapons made its actions all the more destabilizing. Israeli Defense Minister Moshe Dayan had “dispelled the ambiguity that surrounded Israel’s nuclear program by acknowledging Israel’s capability to produce nuclear weapons, and the raid on Iraq has laid Tel Aviv’s challenge before the Arab world in clear terms.” Saddam Hussein responded “by suggesting that world governments provide the Arabs with a nuclear deterrent to Israel’s formidable nuclear capabilities. His message to other Arabs is that they can have no security as long as Israel alone commands the nuclear threat.” In line with the view of the international community as reflected in the U.N. resolution, the assessment stated that Israel’s attack seriously damaged international efforts to prevent the proliferation of nuclear weapons. “A related consequence of the raid is damage to the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and to the IAEA safeguards system”, which would “probably have a detrimental impact”. Contrary to Israeli assertions “that the IAEA safeguards system is a sham”, the assessment made a similar observation as the U.N. resolution that “The Iraqis have had the support of most IAEA members because of general acceptance that international and bilateral safeguards over Iraq’s program were sufficient to guard against the diversion of fissile material for a nuclear device.”


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US Military “Commemorates” Its Iraq Massacre. “Tell Them It’s the Sound of Freedom.”

US Military “Commemorates” Its Iraq Massacre. “Tell Them It’s the Sound of Freedom.”

April 23, 2014 "ICH"
“We gather tonight knowing that this generation of
heroes has made the United States safer and more
respected round the world.” 

(President Barack Obama, State of the Union address,
24th January 2012.)

As Easter was
celebrated in the US and UK with, for believers, the
message of hope, Fallujah, the region and much of
the country is again under siege, not this time by
US mass murderers, but by the US proxy government’s
militias armed with US delivered weapons. In 2003, a
month into the invasion, Easter Day fell on the same
day as this year, 20th April, as Iraqis of all
denominations and none, died were incarcerated,
tortured, found with their heads drilled, or no
heads, thrown on garbage piles. Easter Day
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