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Don’t Shoot in Eastern Ukraine!

Don’t Shoot in Eastern Ukraine!

Something is happening in eastern Ukraine that
western politicians were not prepared for, an event
that could enter history.

By Dr. Dieter Duhm

The population
rises up against the orders of its government in
Kiev. They stop tanks and ask the soldiers that were
sent there to lay down their arms. The soldiers
hesitate, but then follow the peoples’ orders. They
refuse to shoot at their own compatriots. Following
this are moving scenes of fraternization in a nation
that will not allow itself to be forced into war.
The transitional government in Kiev declares the
civil rights activists in east Ukraine to be
terrorists. They do not see the possibility of
exemplary peace that could take place here. Instead
they send tanks into the cities in order to secure
their power with military force. They cannot think
differently. In the beginning, the soldiers obey
until they arrive at the area of operations, where
they do not meet terrorists, but an entire people
that defend themselves against tanks driving through
their landscape. They do not want war and they do
not see why it should be fought. Yes, why actually?
For long they have been lied to and betrayed by Kiev
– now they can no longer trust the new government.
They do not want to be occupied by Russia either –
they want freedom and civil rights, and in fact many
of them are closer to Russia than to the West. What
does the West actually want? With which right does
it claim the east Ukrainian regions? According to
the official propaganda from the West, eastern
Ukraine is in an explosive state, which could only
become controlled by military force. In reality,
what is happening there is a basic movement for
peace and humaneness – a process that defies all
political and military categories. The West is
confused and helpless because through this movement,
all its political options have been foiled. And
behind its options are sturdy economic interests
from the weapons industry, which always also need to
be considered.


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