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Eight children killed as Israeli warplanes relentlessly bomb Gaza - photos

Eight children killed as Israeli warplanes relentlessly bomb Gaza - photos

Update, Wednesday, 9 July, 10am CST:

In the approximately nine hours since this post was originally
published, the casualty count in Gaza has reached forty Palestinians
killed since Tuesday morning. Al-Akhbar English has published a list provided by the health ministry in Gaza with the names of the victims.

“Among those killed, thirteen were aged sixteen or younger. The
youngest victim, eighteen-month-old Mohammed Malakiyeh, was killed along
with his 27-year-old mother. The oldest victim, eighty-year-old Naifeh
Farjallah, was killed in an air strike on the town of Moghraqa,
southwest of Gaza City,” Al-Akhbar reports.

Defence for Children International Palestine has corrected
its alert referenced in the original post below; eighteen-year-old
Ahmad Mousa Habib, killed with his 22-year-old cousin while riding a
motorcycle in Gaza City on Tuesday, was initially identified by the
group as being sixteen years old.

Original post:

Less than two weeks after concluding its largest military assault on
the occupied West Bank in more than a decade, Israel has relentlessly
pounded the besieged Gaza Strip since Monday.

The ongoing bombing campaign is the most severe violence inflicted by
Israel on Gaza since its eight-day assault in November 2012, during
which more than 150 Palestinians were killed, 33 of them children.

More than 1,400 Palestinians were killed in Gaza, including 350 children, during Israel’s three consecutive weeks of attacks from air, land and sea during winter 2008-09.

Twenty-five lives have been claimed by Israel in Gaza since Monday,
including at least eight children, as warplanes bombed areas across
Gaza, whose 1.7 million Palestinian residents live under a
tightly-enforced siege and are unable to flee and have nowhere to seek shelter.

Islamic Jihad
commander Hafiz Hamad (30) and five members of his family — Ibrahim
Hamad (26), Mahdi Hamad (46), Fawzia Hamad (62), Mehdi Hamad (16) and
Suha Hamad (26) — were killed in an Israeli air strike on their Beit Hanoun
home in the northern Gaza Strip Tuesday evening, according to a Gaza
health ministry spokesperson, the Bethlehem-based Ma’an News Agency reported.

On Tuesday afternoon, six children were killed when an Israeli missile struck the home of an alleged Hamas activist in the southern city of Khan Younis.

The human rights group Defence for Children International Palestine reports:

The five families that reside in the building evacuated
immediately after an Israeli aerial drone fired a warning missile. A
number of neighbors, however, gathered on the roof in an effort to
prevent the bombing. Shortly after 3 p.m., an Israeli airstrike leveled
the building, and killed seven people, including five children, on the
spot and injured 28 others.
Hussein Yousef Hussein Karawe, 13, Basem Salem Hussein Karawe, 10,
Mohammad Ali Faraj Karawe, 12, Abdullah Hamed Karawe, 6, and Kasem Jaber
Adwan Karawe, 12, died immediately, according to evidence collected by
Defense for Children International-Palestine. Seraj Abed al-Aal, 8,
succumbed to his injuries later that evening.

DCI-Palestine confirmed two other Palestinian teenagers died in
strikes across Gaza. An Israeli attack killed Ahmad Nael Mahdi, 15, from
Gaza City’s Sheikh Radwan neighborhood, and wounded two of his friends,
one of which remains in critical condition. Ahmad Mousa Habib, 16, from
Gaza City’s Al-Shujaiyah neighborhood, and his 22-year-old cousin were
killed while riding a motorcycle, DCI-Palestine sources said.

DCI-Palestine is confirming reports of at least three other children killed in the strikes on Tuesday.


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