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:  Information Clearing House - ICH

:  Information Clearing House - ICH

...................By contrast, there is
substantial evidence that senior U.S.
officials were pushing for a “regime change”
in Kiev, including

intercepted phone call
various public statements.

In December 2013,
Assistant Secretary of State Victoria
Nuland, a neocon holdover, reminded
Ukrainian business leaders that the United
States had invested $5 billion in their
“European aspirations.” In early February,
she discussed with U.S. Ambassador Geoffrey
Pyatt who the new leaders of Ukraine should
be. “Yats is the guy,” she declared,
referring to Arseniy Yatsenyuk. [See’s “Who’s
Telling the Big Lie on Ukraine

The Maidan uprising gained
momentum on Feb. 20, 2014, when snipers
around the square opened fire on police and
protesters touching off a violent clash that
left scores of people dead, both police and
protesters. After the sniper fire and a
police retreat — carrying their wounded —
the demonstrators surged forward and
some police apparently reacted with return
fire of their own.

But the growing evidence
indicates that the initial sniper fire
originated from locations controlled by the
Right Sektor, extremists associated with the
Maidan’s neo-Nazi “self-defense” commandant
Andriy Parubiy. Though the current Ukrainian
government has dragged its feet on an
investigation, independent field reports,

new one from BBC
, indicate that
the snipers were associated with the
protesters, not the Yanukovych government as
was widely reported in the U.S. media a year


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