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Herminia Ramos died in Iraq for nothing.

Herminia Ramos died in Iraq for nothing. he might have killed Iraqis who are raped and brutalized by American's; he has had helped them in their quest to free Iraq from Iraqis. He was sent to Iraq by pro Bush government of his. The Irony is his countryman also brutalized and raped by America the same way Iraqis were albeit in covert operations.
the dead soldier's mother has said about the rape of Iraq, “I got through our war without losing any family,” she said of El Salvador’s civil war, which took an estimated 75,000 lives. “And now my son was sent to fight in someone else’s war.”
Salvadorian’s known this is a Whiteman’s war “It’s the gringos’ war,” said one critic, Olga Serrano, who is executive secretary of a group of wounded veterans from the war in the 1980s. “What are we doing over there?”
America not only led the rape of Iraq but also dragging other countries like Salvador through financial assistance, To say that El Salvador and the United States are joined at the hip is an understatement. Nearly a third of native-born Salvadorans are living in the United States, including relatives of President Saca, Defense Minister Otto Alejandro Romero Orellana and many other decision makers. Those Salvadorans abroad send home about $2.5 billion every year, which represents about 17 percent of the country’s gross domestic product.
at the end blood money will only leave salvador shame.


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