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How Does Laura Bush Sleep at Night? -- In These Times

How Does Laura Bush Sleep at Night? -- In These Times: "As one of the scant 15 percent of likely voters who has a “very unfavorable” assessment of Mrs. Bush (and who finds her high approval ratings a complete mystery), I would like to suggest that she may be the worst First Lady in recent memory. Here are the reasons: First, she has had no consistent program or agenda that has changed anything for the better. Second, she provides PR cover for her husband so she can pretend they’re doing one thing, like helping school children, while he can do another, like screwing them and their teachers through disasters like “No Child Left Behind.” (Another example of being a beard for Bush, she promotes awareness about women’s heart disease while he proposes slashes in Medicaid, 70 percent of whose recipients are poor women.) Third, she has taken absolutely no stand against her husband’s relentless, Shermanesque march across women’s rights. Last and most damning, she is an utter hypocrite, especially when it comes to global rights for women."


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US Military “Commemorates” Its Iraq Massacre. “Tell Them It’s the Sound of Freedom.”

US Military “Commemorates” Its Iraq Massacre. “Tell Them It’s the Sound of Freedom.”

April 23, 2014 "ICH"
“We gather tonight knowing that this generation of
heroes has made the United States safer and more
respected round the world.” 

(President Barack Obama, State of the Union address,
24th January 2012.)

As Easter was
celebrated in the US and UK with, for believers, the
message of hope, Fallujah, the region and much of
the country is again under siege, not this time by
US mass murderers, but by the US proxy government’s
militias armed with US delivered weapons. In 2003, a
month into the invasion, Easter Day fell on the same
day as this year, 20th April, as Iraqis of all
denominations and none, died were incarcerated,
tortured, found with their heads drilled, or no
heads, thrown on garbage piles. Easter Day
the following year, 2004 fell on Sund…